School Bus Policy

The school bus service for St Martins is operated by one of Guernsey’s largest and most experienced operators Island Taxis Ltd. All buses are fitted with seat belts and are regularly checked by police mechanics for roadworthiness and all drivers have been police checked and have held the relevant category of licence for over 5 years.

Parents/carers must accompany their children to and from bus stops and see them safely on and off the bus. Route 1A, 1B, 3A and 3B will be supervised by the driver only, however the children will be escorted to and from the school drop off and collection points. Route 2A and 2B are supervised by a member of staff in addition to the driver due to the additional needs of individual pupils who use that route.

The children catching the bus home meet in the music/drama room at 3pm and are accompanied to the bus pick up point by walking through the school grounds to the gateway in the infant field. A special constable will then see them across Route des Coutures to the Community Centre. At the Centre, they wait for the bus and are supervised onto the vehicle. In the mornings, staff members will collect the children from the Community Centre and see them across the road as directed by the special constable. They are then accompanied onto the school playground. Infant children are supervised in the playground by the bus supervisors, junior children by other staff on duty.

Pupils must behave sensibly and safely on the bus; the bus company and school have the right to exclude children from bus travel for periods of time if their behaviour is a danger to themselves, others or the smooth running of the service.

Active Travel Plan

Our Active Travel Plan includes information on parking, drop off points, congestion and other ways to get to school. Why not try chaperoned cycle or walking routes? Click on the image below to download PDF of our Active Travel Plan.


School responsibilities outward journey:

  • The special constable (assistant caretaker) will unlock the new gateway at 8.25am and see pedestrians, including the bus children, across the road. He will then secure the gate at 8.55am

  • Bus supervisors with an additional staff member will meet the buses and assist the children from the buses

  • Bus supervisors will assist supervision of the children in the infant playground until 8.55am. Junior children will be supervised by teacher on duty before school

School responsibilities return journey:

  • Children travelling home on the bus will meet in the music drama room promptly at 3pm. Class teachers and PPA teachers dismissing classes need to ensure that they are released before the rest of the class

  • Bus supervisors will be responsible for registering the children and organising them into groups for the 3 different buses

  • The groups depart by 3.10pm leaving via conservatory door , walking along the trim trail to the Infant field gateway

  • The special constable will unlock the gateway at 3.00 and see pedestrian across until 3.20pm, he will then secure the gate

  • The children will be supervised onto the bus, seat belts fastened

Parent/Carer responsibilities:

Parents/carers must:

  • Accompany their children to and from bus stops and see them safely on and off the bus

  • Inform the school if their child is not going home on the bus as usual by calling Karen Jehan on 07839 720 012

  • Use public bus stops along the routes

  • Ensure their child follows the directions of the bus driver and behaves sensibly and safely on the bus

Pupil travel and behavioural guidelines:

It is really important that you are safe when you travel on the bus. It is also important you behave responsibly to keep other people safe on the bus.


  • always listen to the driver from the driver and follow his instructions

  • sit properly on a seat

  • store school bags under the seat or in the luggage areas

  • speak quietly and do not shout

  • if there is a seat belt, wear it


  • be unkind to other people

  • hurt other people

  • throw things

  • put your feet on the seats

  • eat, drink or leave rubbish on the bus

  • ring the ‘stop’ bell repeatedly or unnecessarily
  • open any doors without being asked to by the driver

When you get off the bus:

  • wait until the bus/coach stops before standing to get off

  • get out carefully

Bus Routes

Route 1A – AM Route

St Martins 1A – 33 seater

08.05: Le Rohais de Haut (Courtil Portier estate) – La Rue Piette – Bailiff‘s Cross Road – Route de St Andre – Four Cabot – Rue de La Boullerie (Les Naftiaux estate) – Les Mourants Road – Route de Cornus – Rue Maze – Grande Rue – Route des Camps – Old Mill triangle – Grande Rue.


Route 2A – AM Route

St Martins 2A – 16 seater

08.30: Four Cabot – Route de St Andre – Rue Frairies – Route des Blicqs – Russel Road – Forest Road – Route de Cornus – Rue Maze – Grande Rue – Route des Camps – Old Mill triangle – Grande Rue.


Route 1b & 2B – PM Route

St Martins 1B & 2B – 33 seater & 8-seater

15.10: Grande Rue – Rue Maze – Route de Cornus – Forest Road – Russel Road – Route des Blicqs – Rue Frairies – Route de St Andre – Bailiffs Cross – Rue Piette – Le Rohais de Haut (Courtil Portier estate).


Route 3A & 3B

Bus 3A and 3B St Peter Port and Outer St Martin’s Bus Route

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