Welcome to St Martin’s Primary School

We are a successful happy, primary school and we aim to give our children the best possible start in life. The school is at the heart of St Martin’s parish in Guernsey and enjoys excellent support from parents and the local community.

We offer a broad curriculum that promotes creativity and independent learning. Learning activities are personalised to meet the needs of the individual child. We are proud of the high standards we achieve in literacy and numeracy and of the excellent way our pupils behave.

Its Learning

School’s Learning Platform

The new and exciting learning platform is up and running!  Pupils have been shown how to extend their learning through links to useful websites, homework sheets and questions to explore.
Pupils’ usernames are their normal log on that they use at school, with .ma on the end (e.g., 08bloggsj01.ma). Each child has chosen their own password. If your child cannot remember their password, please check with their class teacher.

About the school

The school is in excellent condition, highly fit for purpose and has all parts of the building linked under one roof. We have our own swimming pool, music drama room, ICT suites, gym and excellent outdoor sports facilities.

Latest News

Blogging involves all children, whatever their interests or abilities. It gives an instant global audience to the pupils’ work together with feedback on how to improve. Pupils are inspired by the fact that anyone from anywhere can see what they have produced.